Artist: Birdmask

Artist: Birdmask

Song: Hunters by Birdmask + others

Found this song on SoundCloud and immediately fell in love and went to listen to the artist’s other work. Really liked a lot of it and sharing it here. Hunters (first below) has rich harmonies, almost choral-sounding, and then in the solos it’s folk-like. Finally he comes in with this syncopated Latin beat that ties it altogether.

About YT versus Soundcloud: The video for Surrender shows him making the song himself. The last one, Used, has a trippy music video which creates an effective visual of pixelated, psychedelic colorization. But I also provide links to the songs on Soundcloud if you prefer no visuals. If you just want to go directly to the Birdmask page on Soundcloud

If you like what you hear, please support the artist by buying or using a streaming service.

Hunters – audio via SoundCloud

YouTube:  Hunters (neutral visuals)



Surrender (These 2 versions are slightly different from each other; both great.)

Surrender –  audio via SoundCloud

YouTube: The artist making the song; not music video


Used –  audio via SoundCloud

YouTube: Official music video (trippy psychedelic one)


One thought on “Artist: Birdmask

  1. I’m getting quite an education re contemporary music. Thanks! The first song, “Hunters” is my favorite. It is also fun to read your description of it first.

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