Artist: David Cloyd

Artist: David Cloyd

Song: Never Run + others

Somehow I stumbled on to his cover* of the well known Radiohead track Weird fishes/arpeggi and liked it so much that I started to listen to the rest of the album, Unhand Me, you fiend! on Spotify. It’s an older album, released 2009, but as good an example of indie-rock that I’ve run across. My favorite track: Never Run.

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*Glossary: “COVER” – n. When a musician or band performs a song previously made famous by another performer(s). Can also be used as a verb. Example: “She covers Beyonce’s ‘All the Single Ladies’ on her latest album.”

David Cloyd :: NEVER RUN :: From The Album UNHAND ME, YOU FIEND!




David Cloyd :: UNHAND ME, YOU FIEND! :: Album Sampler (plays a handful of songs from the album)


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