Great new music – Sampha

Great new music – Sampha

This song was a random find on YouTube. I’d started to listen to another artist’s vid, kind of liked it. As often is the case, it belonged to a longer playlist. I was busy, so I let the playlist roll on and these GEMS came on. I know nothing about this artist, but there’s not a lot out there, just a few tracks, though he’s also played on other artists’ tracks.

Song – Happens by Sampha

This one is my favorite. The piano is somewhere between jazz, R&B, and sophisticated pop.

Song – Too Much by Sampha

Super mellow piano and aching vocals. Can’t classify it—which I love.

Enjoy. There are links on the YT vid if you care to buy. Support the artist if you like the music. Also available on Spotify and other streaming services. (Just to be clear: this is not an official promo of any kind. I just found this, liked it and want to share.)

2 thoughts on “Great new music – Sampha

  1. Mary,
    Lovely. Really. I haven’t exposed myself to any current music offerings. Your blog will be a wonderful (trusted) way to connect into the contemporary musical culture. Thank you! Bonnie

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