Musicians & Youtube Creators: Pomplamoose

Musicians & Youtube Creators: Pomplamoose

“The name of the band derives from the French word pamplemousse, meaning grapefruit. Pomplamoose is an English-spelling approximation of the French pronunciation.” – Wikipedia

Pomplamoose album

Pomplamoose is an American musical duo which feature multi-instrumentalists Jack Conte and vocalist Nataly Dawn. The two met at Stanford when students and, with their amazing musical talents, started workin together. But what put them on the map (circa 2008-2009) was their delightfully creative, quirky, funny and intriguing homemade music videos. These ‘youtubes’ show them playing several instruments and singing multiple tracks—in essence, putting the song together. The videos are an amazing labor of love and viewers went nuts for them in a big way. At first they produced what are known as “cover” songs (already made famous by another artist–a precedent that many other YT musicians have followed), but they also wrote and produced their own music. Eventually all the tracks got made available for buying at all the usual places.

Mr. Conte plays most of the instruments, some of which are very technical—his prowess is jaw-dropping. Ms. Dawn is the primary vocalist. Her voice belongs in the school of French chanteuse (I was not surprised to hear in an interview* that she’d lived in France for many years). It’s sly, silky and sexy and she knows how to use it to charming–and sometime heartbreaking–effect (don’t miss Somewhere Over the Rainbow, link below). That said, they are both multi-talented: she plays bass guitar and other instruments and he sings backup. They each have also pursued solo work.

The couple (who are a ‘real-life’ couple as well) took a break from the channel for personal reasons*, but in 2014 they came back with the titled “Pomplamoose: Season 2” with a bunch of amazing videos that upped their game. This culminated in an album of the same title released just last month (July 2014).

I love so many of their videos and songs that it was really hard to cull a short-list. I start the list below from their earlier vids to their more recent. At the bottom, I’ve linked the big playlist of all their music videos and I think they are worth watching. As always if you like what you hear, please consider supporting the artist by buying their albums or some tracks. You can also offer support for the production of the videos/songs, which are expensive in their own right, by checking out the site Patreon, which allows one to offer old-fashioned ‘patronage’ support. is actually Jack Conte’s creation; here’s their page. I provide lots more links at the bottom of this post.


Another Day

An original song of theirs that became a big hit


Little Things

An original song. They are so cute in this one.


If You Think You Need Some Lovin’

Sexy & funny (another original)



Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Did I mention ‘heartbreaking’?


Come Together

The Beatles classic with a little Hey Jude thrown in, all in one take.


I Feel Good

How do they dare cover James Brown’s incomparable 70s hit? They take it in a different cool jazz direction and it works.


*Info about their history came from an interview with them via a podcast called Ear Biscuits by the YouTube favorites, Rhett & Link where they talk about their journey.

Pomplamoose Links: 

PomplamooseMusic YouTube Channel and full playlist

Jack Conte channel / Nataly Dawn channel

Official website: They are on tour Fall 2014.

Older music is available by searching via Amazon, iTunes, and other sources. New album “Season 2” is available via Loudr and iTunes.


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